In my hallucination
I saw my Beloved’s flower garden
In my vertigo; in my dizziness; In my drunken haze
Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel

I saw myself as the source of existence
I was there in the beginning
And I was the Spirit of Love
Now I am sober
There is only the hangover
And the memory of love
And only the sorrow
I yearn for happiness; I ask for help
I want mercy

And my Love says

“Look at me and hear me
because I am here just for that”
“I am your woman and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too
I have come all this way eager for you
without shoes or shroud”
“I want you to laugh, to kill all your worries
To love you, to nourish you”
“Oh, Sweet Bitterness
I will soothe you and heal you
I will bring you roses
I too have been covered with thorns”

Bittersweet, puisi tasawuf oleh Jalaludin Rumi. Diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa  Inggris oleh Deepak Chopra, dibaca oleh Madonna dengan arrangement music oleh William Orbit.


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